Spring is a Thing

8:48 am

Well, things are not looking so wonderful in fifth grade land right now.  There’s trouble in the kingdom.  Big trouble.  During the past few weeks we have had issues with the following:

1.  Poor sportsmanship

2.  Overly aggressive attitudes in football and basketball – and now soccer looks iffy

3.  Name-calling

4.  Fighting

5.  Bullying

6.  Vandalism (a young man used feces to draw on the wall of a bathroom stall)

7.  Lack of respect for the noon duty helpers

It probably goes without saying that Mr. Howard is displeased with what he is seeing out on the playground and in the bathroom.   It also follows that there are consequences for what has been happening.  Thus far, we have lost football and basketball on the playground.  He informed the students that if things on the playground continue like this, then we will spend our recesses doing laps around the school yard.

In regard to the bathroom, the students now need to sign out and sign in when using the bathroom, and we will be doing frequent “bathroom checks” for vandalism.

None of this is something I want to see happening, but it is something we have brought down on ourselves by the poor choices being made during break times.   Right now the fifth grade teachers are working hard on finding out the students who are making life miserable for all of us.  Until then, we have to live with the consequences we have been given.  Life is like that most of the time.  Not fair, but you have to deal with it until a solution is found.  Not all of us are guilty, but not all of us are innocent either.


Wing-a-Ding Spring

1:42 pm

Our fifth graders are awash in the emotions of spring.  That has translated into name-calling, some bullying, and fighting out on the playground during recess.  I mentioned this in last week’s newsletter.  Unfortunately, this has boiled over during the boys’ football games.  Tempers are high, and they have been giving our duty workers fits.  We are therefore suspending all football for at least the first week of April.  Tempers need to cool down a goodly amount before we consider reinstating it.