South Fork Food Drive

8:04 pm


December has arrived, and with it our annual food drive.  This is an opportunity for us to provide for members of our South Fork family who are in need.  I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to check their pantries to see if there are some items they can pass on to those who are in need.  I’ve had the opportunity to see how this impacts the lives of the families who are recipients, and it is incredible.  The gift of food is certainly appreciated, but what has meant more to the families is that this was evidence that people cared about them.  The impact of that realization is life-changing.


No School Today

12:18 pm

Schools in our district were closed today due to power outages.  This has certainly been a week for troubles with modern technology.  Our copier has broken down repeatedly (that’s why there’s been no homework, newsletters, etc.), the server went down (so no internet) – and on the low tech side it was cold enough to demand indoor recess.  We learned a great deal about doing things old school.  Remember to dress for the weather.  Snow is on the way, and the cold is certain to continue.school20