Ms. Z's Fifth Grade
South Fork Elementary
Rigby, Idaho


84 Emerald Nook, Freeland, Kansas
© 2018

You Made It!  Welcome to Fifth Grade!

I know that school is still in the future, but I'm anticipating some of you might stumble upon our website during the next few weeks.  I thought I would throw in a few items that might be helpful to you and your parents.

First off - supplies.

The school lists are out there, but my classroom list is a little different.  Don't panic!  It's different because there are mostly things we don't need. 

3 spiral notebooks
2 packages of loose leaf paper
1 pink eraser
1 pocket folder (not 2)
mechanical pencils and lead (get extra during the sales in the summer)
8 black dry erase markers (the kiddos use them on their white boards daily)
1 package wide markers
1 package colored pencils (not 2)
4 glue sticks
1 bottle of school glue
1" three-ring binder
1 package of tab dividers
1 sock or rag for erasing white boards

Your child will not need red correcting pens, a ruler, a pencil box, crayons, or watercolors.

THERE'S ONE ADDITION  -A GOOD paperback dictionary (Merriam-Webster is great)
This is something that your child will be using frequently, and something they can use in the future.